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Spiral Stairs - Winding, Curving Metal Staircases

metal spiral staircases Our Spiral Staircases are one complete unit made from the finest steel available, made with more than thirty years of experience and quality workmanship.

spiral staircase There are four standard sizes of Spiral Stairs, or custom stairs can be built to fit your needs. Several styles are available including the new French style staircase, forged pickets or decorative patterns. A spiral staircase off your deck can save money as well as space and add to the decor of your deck. Styles are available for interior use, as well as outdoor stacked spiral stairs for multiple level homes.

Spiral Staircases Off the Deck...
or In the Home

Spiral Staircase Information...

  1. Pick the spiral staircase model that you want
  2. Choose the style of spiral stairs you'd like (ie: standard or decorative), and the color. Measure the height from the bottom to the top finished floors.
    • The stairway comes welded as one unit for strength. There are no bolt together steps or plastic pieces.
    • When using indoors, only 3 to 4 floor joists need to be removed with a header put back around the hole.
    • Depending on the model, the stairway will wind through different sized doorways. The 44" and 52" spiral will wind through a 30" doorway. The 60" or 64" will need a 36" doorway and the 78" and larger will need more area. *No assembly drawings are needed.
    • For better tread on the steps, carpet is easily attached with contact cement, special stair tread material can be brushed or rolled on, or some choose diamond plating or expanded metal treads.
    • Building codes may vary in different areas. If you have any questions please check with your local building inspectors.

      The selections of spiral stairs and their compliance with building codes, ordinances, etc., is the responsibility of the buyer's representative. Our 60", 64" and 78" spiral meet the IBC and UBC codes.
    • Does not include rail on landing.
    • Any Spiral Staircase shipped out of state will be primer only.

Western United States Premier Spiral Supplier

Due to the weight of these shipments, we find most of our customers are from:
Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, California, Oregon, and Washington.

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